Notes on Grief

It’s been a strange week.  Once again I’ve been playing hide and seek with grief. It is my big bro Ty’s birthday week. Last night it was his birthday and I celebrated his birthday at a gig held in his honour. It was attended by his fans, friends, family. Grief isn’t linear. Grief has no …

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Choose Yourself

Trigger warning: References to sexual abuse It’s May 13th, 20201. Ramadan is over. It’s Eid. I will NOT be celebrating it with other people. Specifically, I will not be celebrating it with family. I have no desire to put myself in a situation where I have to interact with my abuser. A man who repeatedly …

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Keep Going

I love Bryan Cranston. Dude made me laugh hard for years in Malcolm in the Middle. Then he gave a nuanced and interesting portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad. That show and his character made me confront uncomfortable things about myself. That’s what great storytellers do. I’m about halfway through reading his memoir “A …

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