More poetry. I wrote this one with my loudspeakers in mind. I’ve had them for 25 years, they’ve traveled with me across 2 continents and over 12 homes in that time. Loudspeaker I sit calmlyReady to receive signalsAnalogueDigitalI don’t discriminateFrame carved from woodInterior carefully calibrated electronicsGreat engineering never goes out of fashionGood vibrations run through …

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As promised, more poetry, this piece is called Haroon and is about my name. Haroon Origin storyNo spider bitesDropped in Luton, via PakistanEast end matriarch named meRight-hand man of a tongue-tied prophetReligious narratives are the roots to the branch of this treeMusa and HaroonMyth or realityDon’t knowDon’t careI’ll turn myth into realityTook damn near four …

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7 Bar Loop

This is the first poem I’m sharing on my blog. I will continue to share current drafts of poems I am working on. Feel free to leave feedback or if things were not clear in the comments. It’s all love. I welcome what you have to say. Here it is: 7 Bar Loop Loop the …

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