A New Perspective

I really need to start writing more again. Well….I want to write more. “I need to…” is such a strong and absolute statement.

I know I’m starting to repeat myself, but I’m still grieving, it’s thrown my physical health off of balance. I’m also trying to figure out ways to bring money in as copywriting is taking time to yield results. I’m dealing with a lot and it’s getting in the way of my writing.

But when I write, when I bother to turn up and do the work, magic happens.

My friend and brother Alain “Fusion” Chapman runs an event called BMT (Black Man’s Time) which now runs weekly on Instagram as an Instagram Live show at 7 pm UK time every Friday evening. They run a free-write session and I decided to take part in one recently. This is what I came up with.


I’ve let go of resentment
I’m grateful for new beginnings
I’m grateful for the love I receive daily

I choose to craft a positive narrative about my future

I am ready to Create:

I deserve:

I deserve to be seen

I am learning to be generous and kind to
myself and others

Access to the muse, to the God within is
my divine right and I am open to receiving it now

Haroon – 29th May 2020

I didn’t know I had this poem in me. I was lucky enough to read it on the BMT livestream and Fusion made a point about how this represented a turning point in the years he’s known me. The optimism and hope is palpable.

I’m done being angry. The things that happened to me, abuse, trauma. None of it is my fault. None of it. But how I proceed from here on in, it is MY responsibility. These past 3 years I’ve been putting in the reps, I’ve got broader shoulders. I can carry this responsibility. I’m sure of it.

Anger and resentment are behind me. Fusion, someone I’ve been a fan of for almost 20 years loved my poem, it made him smile. This is what success looks like.

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  2. Shaheed Al-Shahadah

    Such are these journal writings, a place to see self, reflect and transcend the moment. ONE LOVE!

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