Two Reasons Why I Still Buy Music

I still buy music.

I care about supporting artists.

Which is why you’ll find me on Bandcamp and iTunes buying a lot of new music.

Today, I picked up a couple of bits.

Nah by D.Tail and Turkish Dcypha (single).

We Will Rise by Blue Lab Beats (EP).

D.Tail is someone I connected with on social media, then got to meet at Shay D’s Word on the Street open mic in London.

It took me a while before I was ready to properly listen to his music.

Ty, the legendary rapper and producer from Brixton was a huge fan of D.Tail.

Ty once said:

“There are 3 UK MCs who gave me goosebumps when I first heard them rhyme:


Durrty Goodz


It’s not hard to see why. If Eminem, MF DOOM and Kool Keith (Ultramagnetic MCs) had a threesome, D.Tail would be the baby that’d come out of that madness.

He has an insane flow, crazy humour and no shortage of personality. When you hear him rhyme, you. know it’s him. He stands out. Plus his quotable lines. Here’s my favourite on this track:

“How many ghostwriters does it take to write a Drake verse?”

Turkish Dcypha‘s beat is energetic, with frantic hi hats, great drum programming and speaker rattling bass lines.

He’s definitely one of the most prolific hip hop producers in the UK.

I wanna see both D.Tail and Turkish Dcypha receive their flowers while they’re still around.

As for Blue Lab Beats….they have a special place in my heart. When I first met my partner, we’d exchange links to songs and music videos constantly. My secret weapon to impress her?

Blue Lab Beats.

I sent her music videos for Ooo La La and Hi There.

Ooh La La’s video prompted discussions with my partner about our favourite pies and our shared love of gravy (just watch the video!).

Hi There’s music video had my partner sharing her love of 70s clothing.

Let’s not forget how utterly incredible Blue Lab Beats’ music was too in those music videos!

Blue Lab Beats create jazz. You can hear the influence of hip hop in the grooves and virtuoso NK.OK’s otherworldly drum programming. It’s well worth checking out his Instagram account to see his finger drumming abilities which are up there with Beatsbyjblack, another renowned finger drummer.

NK.OK creates the rhythmic foundation for David Mrakpor aka Mr DM, a multi instrumentalist who is an absolute wizard. He’s like King Midas but with musical instruments.

Their We Will Rise EP opens with Blow You Away (Delilah). It’s got a lovely summer vibe to it. It’s the soundtrack to good times and great weather.

Nights in Havana has a lovely drum beat accompanied by Mr DM’s guitar licks and keyboard playing that would make Kaidi Taitham stand up and take notice.

The EP continues with We Will Rise, the title track. It’s hard to pick a favourite when each track is so strong and brings something unique.

Blue Lab Beats don’t just slap a collection of songs together. Great care has been put into the sequencing of this EP. you’re taken on a journey. Like watching a movie.

In fact, I’d love to see them score a movie.

If you want to ensure great music continues to thrive and artists like D.Tail, Turkish Cypha and Blue Lab Beats, find ways to financially support them. Buy their music, go to their gigs, find their Patreon if they have one, buy their merchandise.

I love artists, I love supporting them and I’ll continue to do it with my wallet and using any platform I have, like this blog to celebrate them and spread the word.

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