oh baby

I love surprises! Don’t you?

With my head hunched down at my laptop in a trendy office I hummed “oh baby….”

The sounds of hypnotic synths travelled through the room.

“What song is this?” I asked my colleague.

“It’s ‘oh baby’ by LCD Soundsystem” she replied.

For decades I’ve struggled with dissociation*. I’ve found it hard to feel. Joy has been hard to come by.

This was NOT one of those moments. An honest piece of art can disrupt you and heal you. It can act as a form of therapy.

Music does that for me.

Find something that does that for you.

It’ll act as a balm for your spirit.

*You can find more information about dissociation at this link.

3 thoughts on “oh baby”

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  2. Thanks for sharing this lovely blog with us Haroon. I don’t think I’ve suffered from Dissociation but I do have some of the symptoms. Like I sometimes disappeared in my own mind. Especially in conversations. If it’s long, I will try my hardest to listen but then about 5mins in, my brain would wander and when I came through I won’t be able to recall anything the other person said. Even when I tried to listen very intensely. But, this only happens sometimes.

    1. Hey Pani,

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog post and being open about dissociation. I’m sure we can chat more about it in person when I next see you. Do keep checking on this blog as I’ll be writing a lot more new stuff in the coming weeks.

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