Love Is a Balm

I’ve been part of a poetry reading group set up by a friend of mine I used to work for last year. It’s been great fun sharing a lot of my newest writing with them, and being exposed to poetry in Hindi and Urdu too.

We get to choose between reading our own work and reading poems by other writers. I ran out of poems I’ve written this year and was going to dig out work by other poets…but glimpsing through an old folder I’ve found forgotten poems.

Like so much of my work it documents the changes I’ve been going through in the past year.

I’m working on my first collection of poetry that I want to self publish. I hope to include this poem.

Love Is a Balm

Love is a balm
Apply gently
to surfaces corroded by a lifetime of neglect
then to those who see you and accept you
Nuclear winter is imminent
We are each other’s garments
Ready to endure
A better world awaits us

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