7 Bar Loop

This is the first poem I’m sharing on my blog. I will continue to share current drafts of poems I am working on. Feel free to leave feedback or if things were not clear in the comments.

It’s all love. I welcome what you have to say. Here it is:

7 Bar Loop

Loop the loop 
Tie shoe laces
Perfect bunny ears
Can’t afford to trip
Run around the track
Like a needle traveling through grooves
I travel through time and space
Non-linear trajectory
Like shooting stars
Edges frayed
Pray hope don’t fade
Can’t promise myself a better tomorrow
Because tomorrow might have been yesterday and today might be tomorrow
Speed this up
Switch from 33rpm to 45rpm
Suddenly it makes sense
Music playing at the correct pitch

Write the truth
Love is an act of sacrifice
Otherwise it is sullied
Finally, I’m released from the groove that played in a loop
My hand unfurls
Presenting my heart to share with all

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