Repressing Grief

I’m finally waking up. This past week has been full of tears. I’ve received knock backs. This isn’t new. I’ve heard “no” far more often than I’ve heard “yes”. Despite this, I’ve been unusually teary. I’ve become accustomed to shutting down my emotions this past year. My close friend and favourite artist Ty passed away […]

Creativity Journalling Personal

Staying Fluid

I’ve been quiet on here for a while. I lost someone close to me to Covid19 and I’m still struggling to come to terms with my loss and the loss to my community. I’m working my way through my grief at my own (crawling) pace. Creativity is my refuge. It always has been a way […]

Personal Poetry

Cosmic Dust

Recently my close friend, big brother, and creative mentor Ty passed away due to the Covid19. I do not know how to do justice to his memory or even begin to convey the level of heartache I am feeling at his passing. I will be trying to process my grief through writing and some of […]