The Best Time To Start Writing Is Now

I’ve been putting off writing this blog. The idea for this blog first emerged early in 2017. It was going to be called “Finding Haroon”

Back then seismic shifts were happening in my life. Namely:

1.) I admitted to myself that I had mental health issues and sought professional help.

2.) I ended my 10-year marriage. Not an easy choice, but a necessary one. 

3.) I rediscovered my identity as an artist. Namely as a writer. 

I wanted to document my journey. It didn’t happen. 

The past 3 years were turbulent. I went through numerous mental health breakdowns. I suffered financial hardships. I moved house 8 times, each move added to the already towering pile of trauma I’ve accumulated since I was a young child. 

Also, I procrastinated. I didn’t write because even though I wanted to write, I did not view myself as a writer. 

That wasn’t my identity. So, my actions, or lack thereof, aligned with that lack of self-belief. 

But that changes now. 

I ended my marriage 3 years ago, but the divorce was not finalised until late in January 2020. My divorce weighed on me. 

Thankfully, I’m now free of that mental block.

I want to write. I want to create MY life. The one that I choose. Not a life that others have chosen for me. 

This life involves writing, it involves telling stories. I want to share my joy, pain and everything in between. 

I am Haroon. 

I am a writer. 

I am an artist.

That is my identity. 

15 thoughts on “The Best Time To Start Writing Is Now”

    1. Thank you so much, Matt. More writing coming soon and I really do hope my journey can help as many people as possible.

  1. Most importantly you’re Haroon, the sum of all these experiences and I can’t wait to see you through your work. I know it’s gonna be super spicy! And we looove spicy!

    1. Thanks Karen. Ever since I embarked on making a change back in 2017 and ending my marriage, I knew there was a creative and artistic side to myself that I had suppressed for so long.

      We spoke over coffee a while back that I needed to start acting on my creative urges.

      It IS time, to heal and to be creative.

  2. Brilliant start and I cannot wait to read more, the roots have been there for so long, it’s time for your creativity to be unearthed and this take shoot and blossom. If your poetry and spoken word pieces are anything to go by….

    1. Salaam Sofia,

      Thank you for such kind, loving, and supportive words in your comments.

      My very first open mic was at Urban Griots in 2000 in Brixton and you came up to me afterwards and gave me such supportive words then and have supported me so much throughout the years and continue to.

      Can’t wait to break bread with you again very soon insh’Allah.

      Much love. xx

  3. Enjoyed reading very much. You express yourself powerfully, precisely and poetically. Your work offers us the opportunity to learn about you and simultaneously ourselves. I for one appreciate that.

    You are unique. No-one else like you bro.

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